Thursday, September 20, 2018

Trust the Process

In just 9 days I will toe the line for my first 100 kilometer(62 mile) race. Wowzers! It's a surreal feeling. Am I ready? What's the weather going to be like? How about the competition from the rest of the field? To be completely honest, I have no real answer for any of these questions. All I can do is trust the process and believe that I can reach the finish line!

With 15 grand of vertical gain, The Mighty Quail 100k(can we pause for a second to recognize how awesome the name of this race is!?) will be not only the furthest I have ever ran, but also the tallest I have ever climbed. Cue the goosebumps, this is gonna be a wild ride! The majority of the course is on mt. bike single track, so I'm expecting burms, dug out switchbacks, and the occasional jump. Reaching just ~5250' the Quail isn't a high altitude test, but the race more than makes up for it with brutally steep climbs and long stretches without aid or crew support. The Mighty Quail will indeed be a mighty test of both my physical and mental endurance.

Little more can be done in the form of training. Some strides and a couple trail runs around Camp Caro are all I have planned. That and sleeping in, eating good food(can you say homemade kimchi) and staying positive. I finished my last big effort yesterday. The day before, I carried a very full backpack with a tent and way too much food all the way from Spokane Valley to the base of Mt. Spokane. From there I set up camp, ate, slept, woke up, and ran 12 miles up and around the mountain. And then I called in a ride from my wonderful girlfriend who graciously picked me up at the bottom so I didn't have to carry that awful backpack all the way to the valley. Whew! From here on out, it's just single digit mileage with lots of kimchi in between!

Watch out! I'm coming for you Mighty Quail 100k! It's going to be a brutal test. Luckily I've decided to actually study for this one(weird concept) and hopefully I am adaptable enough to deal with the struggles that come my way during this journey. Im pumped! The stoke is high and I just can't wait to toe the line and see what happens. Cue the Chariots of Fire theme song. Let's do this!

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